The Best CRM for a Dental Practice

The Best CRM for a Dental Practice

Do you want to improve they way you interact with your dental patients? Do you want to keep track of all your patient appointments? It is possible to retain and control all your clients by using a dental software. The software will help you to respond to your customers promptly thus satisfying them.

There are many dental management software in the market today. What matters is what you want to achieve by using any one of them. Will it help you to manage your schedule? Or you would like the software to give you reports, manage the patients x_rays?

Factors to consider when choosing the Best CRM for a dental practice

There are several factors that you need to take into consideration before purchasing a CRM for your dental office as discussed below;


It is important to have a budget for the money you need to spend buying your dental CRM. It is also important to remember that the software will need a computer and servers, There will be additional costs for maintenance, training of employees and system upgrades.


You need to determine the goals that you want the CRM to accomplish in your dental office. It is also important to assess the importance of having the CRM in your dental office.


It is important to realize that your dental business will grow in the future and thus your software must be useful in future when your business grows.

Deployment approach

Generally, there are two approaches used to deploy dental software namely: on-site solution and on-demand solution.The on-site deployment approach is more secure while the on-demand approach is less secure as you do not have much control over your data.

Multi-platform support

A good Dental CRM should be easily accessed fro multiple devices apart from the desktop computers.You should be able to acess it whether you are in the office or at home. You should be able to access it on your laptop, smartphones and respond to your patient complaints promptly.


It is always advisable to check customer reviews on the various CRM software brands before deciding the one to purchase. Your employees should be able to use your software with ease and so is your clients.

The Best Dental CRM

There are various dental softwares for you to choose, including:

Reservio– helps your patients to schedule and book appointments online

Bestosys– You can access your patient’s information anytime anywhere

Dentrix– it is another good dental CRM that submits claims to insurance, notes and reminds your patients of their appointment with you.

If you want to improve your relationship with your patients, then consider purchasing the best CRM for your dental practice.